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Re: [T3] collector exhaust

lemme just  make shure this is real clear so i only have to do this once.

the heater boxes end in smooth pipes that connect to the collector exhaust,
which flares out to catch half of the muffler clamp.  just like all the
other vw exhausts

THEN  both pipes make a bend accross the back of the engine where they are
sleeved into another set of pipes  which is theheader from the #2&4
cylendars and the flange to attatch the muffler
 so i'm supposed to put another set of muffler clamps where they sleeve
 there aren't flares on the collector to hold the little asbestos donuts.
something about this just seems funny!

brandon  73 square
   its too cold for it's initial start anyway
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|In a message dated 01/03/1999 2:30:17 PM Eastern Standard Time,
|> the tubes just slide into the colector/header, not even that snug of a
|>  but there is like four inches of one inside the other.
|you need to use the standard heater box to muffler rings and clamps there.
|71 Squareback
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