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Re: [T3] pressures (long)

Subject: Re: [T3] pressures (long)

> But, I still have the one cylinder misses when cold problem. It's looking
> like the computer? Spark is pretty much ruled out, F.I. harness has been
> ruled out, all sensors have been ruled out except the pressure sensor,
> would effect all cylinders equally.  I cant see any way for the air
> distributer could be a problem... hmm...something specific to each
> hmmm... Coud it have something to do with #3 spark being retarded?
There are supposed to be fiber/plastic gaskets between the intake runners,
and the head on a T-3. The last gasket set I bought, these did not come with
it. I have torn T-3 engines down, that had the T-1 metal duel port gasket in
their place. This does not work very well. It is possible that you have a
vacuum leak between the intake runners and the head. While the engine is
running at idle, spray something like WD-40 around the intake. (do not use
anything that is too flammable). If the engine smooths out momentarily, you
have this problem.

Russ Wolfe

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