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Re: [T3] pressures (long)

On 6 Mar 2001, at 16:08, Barry Viss wrote:

> > Does 35 deg max advance sound a little advanced to anyone else?
> I don't know what to say, it is a stock dist. and brand new advance from Jim
> A...  It is 0 at idle.  It was measured with my neighbors strobe timing
> light which has a little dial to check the advance.  How would I lessen the
> advance?

The advance you're measuring is the mech advance. You can't adjust 
it, it's a property of the parts inside the dist. The 68 dist has the 
largest mech adv of any VW dist, but 35 deg sounds a little high to 
me. The data is all in the Bentley manual. The vacuum can does 
nothing in the driveway, so the only way to see its effect is to 
watch your timing light while you suck on its hose. In other words 
the advance you've measured so far has nothing do do with the vac adv 

> > > > Regulated voltage up where it should be (~14-14.6V @ cruising rpm)?
> >
> > Do check this one carefully.
> I just did, is 13.7V good enough?  THIS MAY BE IT!!??

Sorry, but this is probably not bad enough to have an effect. Was 
this measured at med RPMs after warming up the car on a drive? If 
not, try it again and it may be higher.

> > You might also check for high resistance between the FI trigger point
> > connections on the harness (the two outer sockets of the 4-socket plug)
> and
> > the injector connections on the harness.  You want to see no more than
> about
> > 2-3 ohms I think.  I believe you need to do this with the key "on".  You
> > should be able to do 2 injectors at a time.  Then turn the engine 180 deg
> > and measure the other two.  One of the outer sockets of the trigger point
> > connector talks to one pair of injectors, and the other outer socket talks
> > to the other injector pair.  But the visual injector check described above
> > will also verify that this all works I guess..
> Not sure what you mean here, do you mean the 3 plug connector on the actual
> points to the injectors?  If so, I did check them, they were less than 0.5
> ohms.  Why would the key have to be on for this?

I'm puzzled by this also. I think the only connections here are via 
internal connections in the Brain. Resistance measurements should 
always be done with the key OFF.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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