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[T3] 6V - 12V Conversion

Are there any sites that clearly explain how to convert from 6V to 12V...

>From my initial enquiries I have found that I the following has to be done
Replace all lamps inc dash lights with 12V
Replace horn
Replace Battery ... Ah derr!
Replace Indicator Relay
REplace interior Light
Replace Generator ... Double derr! ( I did hear that I have to also change
the suuround of the generator ... True/False?)
Replace Voltage regulator !!
Replace Licience plate lamp

Replace Coil???? Yes/No??
Replace Starter Motor which means replacing ring gear on flywheel ...
However I did hear that I could probably continue to use the starter until
it blows ... Is this true or false?

Wiper Motors - Have also heard that I could put a resistor inline with these
and they should work fine ... Any ideas on what type of resistors??

What about ... Auto Choke?
What about Electro Magnetic Pilot Jet ... What the hell is this?
What about the fuel gauge?
What about the fuel gauge sender unit in the tank?
What about the dizzie ... This should be fine?? True/False

I'm guessing that all the switches including the dip switch, door switches,
oil pressure, and turn indicator switc on column is fine to be left as is..

I'm also guessing that the fuse box is ok ... Probably change the fuses or
alternatively get a hold of another fuse box with extra fuses for additional
acessories etc ..

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated and I thank you all for your
answers thus far ..



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