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Re: [T3] pressures (long)

> > > Does 35 deg max advance sound a little advanced to anyone else?
> The advance you're measuring is the mech advance. You can't adjust
> it, it's a property of the parts inside the dist. The 68 dist has the
> largest mech adv of any VW dist, but 35 deg sounds a little high to
> me. The data is all in the Bentley manual. The vacuum can does
> nothing in the driveway, so the only way to see its effect is to
> watch your timing light while you suck on its hose. In other words
> the advance you've measured so far has nothing do do with the vac adv
> can.
Okay I measured the advance again and this time I took off the vacuum hose
just in case, and sure enough, it only went to about 28 deg. this time, so
apparently there is enough drag on the engine when you rev it up to affect
the vacuum advance at least a little.

But, I still have the one cylinder misses when cold problem. It's looking
like the computer? Spark is pretty much ruled out, F.I. harness has been
ruled out, all sensors have been ruled out except the pressure sensor, which
would effect all cylinders equally.  I cant see any way for the air
distributer could be a problem... hmm...something specific to each cylinder.
hmmm... Coud it have something to do with #3 spark being retarded?

Any other thoughts or suggestions?

Barry Viss
'68 Square

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