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Re: [T3] starting an early 62 overhaul

On Wed, 2006-07-05 at 20:50 -0700, Scott Taylor wrote:

> It's surprisingly complete. It's been rebuilt before (the cylinders are 
> marked with hacksaw strokes, I through IIII) but they managed to put 
> everything back where it belongs, for the most part. There are a few 
> things that are missing -- carb pre-heater intake and hose, plug wire 
> separator, small things like that.
> > The case should have the cam running right against the case material,
> > but RIMCO can bore the cam tunnel for std size modern cam bearings. 
> > That's
> > probably a good thing to do to this case.
> That's my plan, to have the case machined for cam bearings. That's 
> about as "dark" as it's going to get.

I would have them put in case inserts too while they have it and line
bore if needed.
> > If you have to replace a head, you might be able to find a 40 hp head
> > that could be converted, but it would probably have a different 
> > casting part
> > number.
> I really hope I can salvage the heads, or if not maybe locate 
> rebuildable ones (a long shot). 40-horse heads will be the last resort. 
> How worried should I be about a broken cooling fin? Think it's just a 
> coincidence that it's right over #2?
> > I'm actually surprised that this head has a 311 casting number since I
> > thought VW would have just made this part from the 40 hp casting.
> Probably due to the larger valves.
I have the repair pieces to fix the rocker studs if they are loose. That
and the tools to install them. If there are no cracks in the heads, I
see no reason they can't be rebuilt.
As for the broken fin, I wouldn't worry about it. Are you planning on
reusing your pistons and re-ringing them. I think I have a set of 1500
ATe rings here.


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