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Re: [T3] starting an early 62 overhaul

<x-flowed>On Jul 5, 2006, at 9:16 AM, Jim Adney wrote:

Does the oil cooler mount on the case look like it's farther to the rear of the
engine than on modern cases? Your oil cooler is actually more over the # 4
cylinder than the # 3. I notice that the air cleaner also seems to be mounted
farther to the rear.

The oil cooler is centered right over the top front stud for cylinder #4 (hope that makes sense). I think the air cleaner is in the same place on all sidedraft engines, but I could be wrong.

The left end of the oil cooler seems to mount to the left top tin. I guess this
means that the early type 3 cooler is NOT the same as the beetle's. Is it the
same as a 356 Porsche?

Yes, it's secured to the tin on the left side. Easy to forget about that when trying to remove the tin! I think the cooler is specific to the '62 Type 3. I was lucky enough to find an NOS one.

You were probably lucky to get those rear top tin pieces, even though they were
mounted on the wrong side. Was everything else there? There's almost always
something missing from engines this old, especially from engines this unique
where people weren't familiar with where things belonged.

It's surprisingly complete. It's been rebuilt before (the cylinders are marked with hacksaw strokes, I through IIII) but they managed to put everything back where it belongs, for the most part. There are a few things that are missing -- carb pre-heater intake and hose, plug wire separator, small things like that.

The case should have the cam running right against the case material,
but RIMCO can bore the cam tunnel for std size modern cam bearings. That's
probably a good thing to do to this case.

That's my plan, to have the case machined for cam bearings. That's about as "dark" as it's going to get.

If you have to replace a head, you might be able to find a 40 hp head
that could be converted, but it would probably have a different casting part

I really hope I can salvage the heads, or if not maybe locate rebuildable ones (a long shot). 40-horse heads will be the last resort. How worried should I be about a broken cooling fin? Think it's just a coincidence that it's right over #2?

I'm actually surprised that this head has a 311 casting number since I
thought VW would have just made this part from the 40 hp casting.

Probably due to the larger valves.

62 343

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