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[T3] Ever So Slightly Slammed

I just completed an "ever so slightly" lowering of the front end of the '70
Squareback.  With Toby's input, things went well.  I want  to drop the back
end to level it out.   I have 60-series tires and don't care for 3" of
exposed rear wheel well.  Hayne's doesn't get into as much detail on the
back torsion bars as the front.  How many splines are there on the rear
torsion bars?  Do I need to remove trailing arms and axles (CV joints) to
do this?

Speaking of trailing arms....one of the trailing arms was minus the
shoulder bolt and bushings (removed free of charge by  the PO).  I've got
the parts to replace them but  I'm a little sketchy on the procedure.
Haynes gets into the removal of the trailing arms, so in orde4ηΝan
excellent job, should I remove the trailing arm and place the bushings into
the trailing arm?  Or, should I try and mouse the bushings past the hangers
and into the trailing arms, if that is even possible?  If the answer to the
rear torsion bar/lowering job is "remove trailing arms", answers to the
above last two questions are academic.

>From the political desk.....the number of SUV's not under passenger car
emission guidelines more than make up for us resto-freaks that DO care
about the environment.  How many yupmobiles do you see  off-road (well,
right side up off-road) or hauling a load of lumber?  The legislation that
removed SUV's from passenger car emission standards (and placed them in the
same emission-exempt category with pickup trucks) was put in place by
politicians.   How many politicians are into car restoration?   Find one,
let's bend his/her ear.

Most humbly,

Dave Timmins
'70 Squareback (VOLKSY)
'89 Cabrio

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