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Re: [T3] Ever So Slightly Slammed

On 14 Jan 99, at 9:45, David L. Timmins wrote:

> Hayne's doesn't get into as much detail on the
> back torsion bars as the front.  How many splines are there on the rear
> torsion bars?  Do I need to remove trailing arms and axles (CV joints) to
> do this?

You should really own a Bentley if you plan on getting into this 
depth.  Yes, you will need to plan on removing the trailing arms, the 
diagonal arms, and the axles.

> Speaking of trailing arms....one of the trailing arms was minus the
> shoulder bolt and bushings (removed free of charge by  the PO).  I've got
> the parts to replace them but  I'm a little sketchy on the procedure.
> Haynes gets into the removal of the trailing arms, so in order to do an
> excellent job, should I remove the trailing arm and place the bushings into
>Ýb2,iling arm?  Or, should I try and mouse the bushings past the hangers
> and into the trailing arms, if that is even possible? 

The bushings need to be pressed into the diagonal arm.  You will need 
to have the whole thing out of there to do this.  The only time I had 
to do this job was on a car that, like yours, where these were 
missing from some previous (mis)work.  The replacements that I got 
from VW were not the same as the originals and were not cylindrically 
symmetric.  They were beetle parts and needed to be pressed in in a 
particular orientation.  I believe I found that info in the Beetle 

> >From the political desk.....the number of SUV's not under passenger car
> emission guidelines more than make up for us resto-freaks that DO care
> about the environment.

Are you sure that SUVs fall under the light truck exemption?  This 
comes as a surprise to me and would be just about enough to get me 

For those of you who aren't aware of the details, the light truck 
exemption means that vehicles that fall under this category get 
classed as trucks rather than cars, and thus are not required to meet 
all the same safety and emissions standards that cars must meet.  
Thus these vehicles can be a bit cheaper because they are less 
expensive to make.

This makes our emissions regs more than a bit silly, if the most 
popular class of passenger car is exempted.  [Now do you understand 
why you see so many of the little import pickup trucks on the road?]

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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