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RE: J-1 and Diesel

But it *is* made of dead dino's, none the less.  It goes through less
processing, but it is still a hydrocarbon fuel that is burned, and produces
some fairly frightening emissions.  The main one is benzoapyrenes.  This is
one of the substances on the EPA's list of 'Toxic, Volatile Organic
Substances,' that are among other things, *highly* carcinogenic.

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	>DaveH=> Does anyone know if aircraft are included in pollution 
	> => calculations?
	>They're not, nor does anyone seem to pay much attention to big
	>or buses, which admittedly tend to have shorter lives but pump out
	>whole lot more crap than any ten cars and roll all day long and

	Diesels put out a different sort of pollution tZpowered cars,
	(High in particulates, don't think they have carbon monoxide...)
	the same rules do not apply to them.  I have wondered about
	Besides the point that I could drive my Nissan all year on the
amount of
	fuel that a 727 uses in one flight.  (Yes, I know jet fuel is
	than gasoline.  I am refering to the quanity!!!)


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