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SV: [T3] "Dark side" heater improvement

Hi again!
It just hit me - a little drawback with your solution is that you have to be
sure that there are no leaks on the sucking side of the system (especially
around the heater chambers).  Otherwise there is a risk that the fan will
cause an underpressure in the heaters, suck in exhaust fumes and pump them
into the cabin. Not healty! (-Right, Eduardo?)  

Some like it the suicide way, though... ;-)      (-Right, Lisa?)

But who am I to say - I almost gassed myself to death the other night,
trying to make the f***ing gas heater to work - inside my garage! Not too

/Karl-Olov Sandin

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> Skickat:	 den 12 januari 1999 17.19
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> mne:	[T3] "Dark side" heater improvement
> Hi everyone,
>  	On sunday I got fed up w/ my heater performance, (being that it was
> a
> beutifull 70 deg day w/ out a cloud in the sky).  I check the hoses and
> found one was defective.  I quickly replaced it w/ one from the parts
> car.  Then the dark side of the force hit me.....
> 	I lifted up the back seat, and studied the plastic heat box.  The i
> compressed it and removed the offending stock item.  Enter one T4 bus
> heater blower (purchased the day before from a local junk yard).  I took
> the blower off it's mounting bracket, and tryed to manage a good fit.
> 	Next to the hardware store to buy:  a 3" posable tin tubing, a roll
> of
> metal tape for ducting, assorted hose clamps. 
> 	Within an hour, i had an air tight fit between the blower and all
> heater tube openings. And the best part is the wiring.  The + wire from
> the blower just made it to the vacant terminal on the rear defroster
> relay, and the ground just got reattached to the relay mount.  
> 	Now When ever i need a little heat boost, I just hit the rear
> defroster
> switch.  :-)
> ned glenn
> '69 square
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