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[T3] For whom the bell tolls...

Has anybody heard anything about this, it's kind of scary to know that our
supply of parts might be endangered... it might even indicate that our
little hydrocarbonpumping pigs' days may be numbered in California.

Date:  Wed, 06 Jan 1999 09:09:04
From: Dirk Wright <wright@kreative.net>
Subject: California Scrappage Laws

"SEMA Action Network

Driving Force - January 1999

Collector Cars at Risk with California Scrappage Vote

        Despite heavy opposition from California automobile enthusiasts,
SEMA and other interested parties, the California Air Resources Board
(CARB) approved amendments instituting a very aggressive scrappage program
across California. Under this new regulation, CARB will crush and destroy
up to 150,000 cars a year for 10 years to meet emissions-reduction goals.
The regulations will not allow for salvage or recycling of any vehicle
parts or engines. The corresponding loss, in terms of irreplaceable parts
and vehicles needed by vehicle enthusiasts, will be significant.
        In approving this proposal, CARB flatly disregarded California law
(S.B. 501) mandating that all scrappage programs allow for parts
recycling. Under the new regulations, the only way a hobbyist or a
low-income individual can obtain a necessary part would be to buy the
entire car before it's crushed. Most disappointing, CARB did not consider
a proven alternative to scrappage "voluntary repair and upgrade "where
older vehicles are voluntarily submitted for repair and installation of
emissions upgrade retrofit equipment. CARB gave no attention to a San
Diego Air Pollution Control District pilot "Repair/Upgrade" program, which
achieves emissions reductions at half the cost of typical scrappage
        The CARB also chose to ignore the facts concerning real-world
scrappage programs: (1) CARB does no testing to prove emissions reductions
are achieved with scrappage or that vehicles scrapped are replaced by
cleaner unning vehicles; (2) These programs fail to recognize that many
cars turned in for scrappage can barely run or cannot pass smog
inspections and that the programs themselves are susceptible to fraud; (3)
The CARB scrappage program disregards the needs of hobbyists and
low-income families who rely on the availability of older vehicles and
parts; and (4) Regulatory agencies cannot justify crushing cars when more
cost-effective and environmentally sound programs, such as voluntary
repair and upgrade, exist.
    SEMA VP of Government Affairs Chris Kersting said, "SEMA is
disappointed CARB is disregarding the law regarding parts recycling and is
ignoring proof that scrappage programs are fatally flawed. The association
is working with car clubs and other interested parties to determine the
best response to the CARB's decision. Our options include introducing
legislation and/or bringing legal action challenging the final

Be seeing you.

copyright 1998 Dirk Wright"

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