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[T3] Rear Wheel Noise, question?

Hello all,

I have a strange noise coming from the driver side rear wheel I can't
identify, hopfully someone can help.... (My car is a '69 Fastback with
an AT).

It doesn't do it all the time. When it does act up, it makes a sound
like a squeak/clicking sound that is rythmic in nature. That is, it
seems to make it at a particular place in wheel rotation.

I pulled the rear brake drum off and inspected for any strange rubbing
spots (the rear nut was torqued tight as it should be) and saw none.
I checked the CV joint with the 'pull' test and all seemed tight in 
that area. About the only thing left would be the wheel bearings(?).

If it is the wheel bearings, how difficult are they to change and are
any special tools needed to do it? (any pressing in/out needed here or
just simple knock the bearing out and replace it situation?).

Any help/info would be appreciated.

Tom "Flamin' Fastback" Cloud

P.S. I could also use an original oil bath air cleaner for my carbs.
Anyone have one I could pick up from you? (My FB has been converted 
to carbs by a previous owner).

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