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[T3] '63 Notch for sale

Hello everyone, 

While on Christmas break, I looked at a few Notchbacks for sale in So.
Oregon. They belong to Mark Smith   MSgp-1@webtv.net (Mark Smith) who is a
Northwest Rep for NONA.
Anyhow he had two for sale, both '63 and one he was keeping. One, a
sunroof model, was a project and partially disassembled. This car was
virtually rust free, at least I couldn't find any and he was asking $1500.
The other was an unrestored and totally complete car. It was absolutely
original. I was completely amazed, I've never seen a Notchback as an
original. It even had solid beauty rings. The color was light blue. If
your looking for a complete car, this would be a great on to have. He told
me it was from Texas. Asking price was $5500.

It was nice to look at this car to see what went where on my own car.
Since I purchased mine without an engine I learned a few things. Did you
know the early engine tin was different? Anyone know when this changed? It
looked more square and
flatter. And it was shorter from the case out. This helped me realized why
the tin on my motor isn't working well i.e. It is squished. The coil was
in a different location, next to #3 cylinder instead of on the cooling

Phillip Bradfield - Portland, Oregon

'63 Notchback w/ 68 pan
'69 Squareback chopped 3"

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