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Re: Bare pan

On Wed, 23 Oct 1996, larry d. adkins wrote:

> Hi!!!  I have a 73 Fastback and need suggestions on what to replace
> my "wet" tar boards with. My car was decorating an abandoned field
> until I felt the need to help it (someone didn't roll the window up
> though).  Believe it or not the pan is in great shape but I wanted to
> get all the molded carpet and boards up.  I know there are replacement
> boards for the Type I.  Will these work ok or is there someone that
> makes these for the aftermarket????  Is anyone using anything else,
> padding, sound deadening material or what????  Thanks in advance.
> Larry Adkins
> 73 Fastback
> lda@lex.infi.net

I don't know of any company that produces stock Type III floor board
padding, but I will relay my experiences on replacing my carpet, etc., for
what it's worth.  The stock stuff is basically two sheets of tar paper
with about a 1/4 inch sheet of styrofoam in between.  The commercially
available sound deadener that is the best (Roadkill) is pretty damned
expensive, it'll cost about $250 to do the floors!  Sewfine makes very
good carpets (about $150-180), and their padding kit is around $75, I

This padding is just the carpet padding that you can get in any hardware
store;it's sort of woolen looking and about 1/2 inch thick.  You can cut your
own by sizing up a pattern, using a wide roll of paper (it's cheaper to
make cutting mistakes on paper than on padding!).  Before putting down a
layer of this, I also put down a layer of the thickest roofing tar paper
could find at a building supply store.  Purists may not like this, but my
car is very quiet and I didn't go broke doing it!  The paper has to adhere
to the metal to effectively dampen the sound, so you need to use some type
of adhesive on each layer.  This sandwiching of layers with different
densities is basically what VW had in mind with their stock floor sound

Hope this helps, 

Doug Henry
'71 Squareback

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