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Re: [T3] engine noise still a mystery

<x-flowed>Good call, guys. After I pulled the fan, one of the bolts that attaches the front fan housing to the crank case fell out - this appears to be the source of my noise.

The fan appears to be un-damaged. The bolt was in bad shape, so I bought a new one from the hardware store, and put it in with some lock-tite.

There is one other thing that needs fixing while I'm in here. There is a bolt that goes through the fan housing. It secures a little clip on the front of the fan housing. The rod that connects the airflaps on either side of the fan housing runs through this clip.

This bolt and clip is not described in my Bentley or John Muir manuals. The way it is set up is that the head of the bolt is on the outside of the fan housing, and the other end sticks through, but the nut is missing. I'm thinking I should just pick up a nut and put it on the inside of the fan housing with some lock-tite. The only problem is, it looks like this would stick out towards the back of the fan.

Do you know the proper way to secure this bolt? Should the nut really be on the inside?


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