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RE: [T3] End float ?

<x-flowed>> From: Jim Adney It's possible that the aftermarket crank or flywheel
is just out of spec. If that's the cause then 4 shims is probably okay, but you want to make sure of all this before you get too far along.
Also, check for burrs, etc. on the mating edges of the crank & flywheel.

<< I should also verify that you did this with NO gasket (paper or metal) between the flywheel and crank. Those are not used with the O-ring crank. If you put one in, that would explain the 4th shim. >>

I thought you were only allowed to use 3 shims (it creates a torington bearing), and adding a 4th shim creates a spacer. You might have to purchase some thicker shims to get the end play correct. I know VW made them in varying thicknesses, as I've got some here that are marked 24, 28, 32, and 36. Just a thought.

Yes, this was with no gasket at all. I measured the cranks last night. The new one (CB counterweight) is 0.26mm longer, which explains everything.

My local VW parts place was out of 32s and 36s, and I couldn't wait. They wouldn't have helped anyway - 3 x .36 = 1.08, needing a very thin 4th shim.


Matt. UK.
'73 1600e FB.

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