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[T3] My Square's engine... what to do?

Hi all,

I just got back from a 500 mile trip to PA and back for a radio show.  NOW I
have time to pull the engine in the Square and replace the tranny for the
trip to Oregon, I also need to relube the drive shafts, rear bearings and
attend to the rear brakes.  And the clutch started slipping on the way back
too which is probably a leaky seal issue.
	My question comes with the engine though... this car hasn't been
apart to the point of not being able to drive it in 10 years!  The engine
has 101K on it now, and 57K on both the heads since the last valve job.  It
runs great and has good oil pressure but those heads are nearing valve job
time again... but I only need another 10K or so out of this engine to get it
through the summer and out to Myrtle Creek and back.  The valves in these
heads are genuine VW although the heads were aftermarket but they have
always held their adjustment well.
	If I do the valve job I have to disassemble a lot of things that
have proven themselves very well together just before a big trip, if one
stud pulls out of the case Im done, party over!  Not worth putting the time
or money into an engine that has that many miles on it especially when Im
going to replace it in another year. If I don't do the valve job and it
swallows a valve in the middle of the Nevada desert, im really screwed.
	Any thoughts?  Suggestions?



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