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[T3] As the Tank Turns - this weekend's episode

On this weekends'episode, I went looking to find another gas tank to
replace the defective tank that I got to replance the rusted fuel tank
I had before.

So, off to storage I go.

I pulled one from a 69 FI Auto Square... and I found yet another
variation of the fuel tanks.

So, here are some interesting finds I've made thus far:

The 1970 and 17 tanks had a round filler port.

1968 has a wide, oval filler port and no vent port in the opposite side
from the filler.

Now, I find that the 1969 tank has a ROUND filler port, but does NOT
have the vent port on the other side.

All of these fit the same body opening, All tanks had the cup in the
center bottom, and all of these seem to have a little bit of diffence
in the length of overflow pipe and return pipe.  (All of the cars that
donated their tanks are/were FI, some manual, some automatic.)

So, I think I've found a tank that I can use although with a vented gas
cap. The funny thing is that this one is also misaligned!  but it's
only slightly off and the flow is still good, so I'm going to live with

and for Andy, I know that a 69 up to 71 will work for you... as long as
it's also not rusted and/or misaligned.

Good Luck with your search!


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