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Re: [T3] hhheeesssiiiitttaaatttiiiooonnn

On 6 May 2006 at 16:30, Jonce Fancher wrote:

> Well i finally pulled the square out to take a run to home depot. the
> carbs are rebuilt and it idles just a little to high around 1k. the
> plugs are new as with gapping and all that with the valve adjust. im
> running stock carbs on a 1776 with all the correct goodies and 40x35.5
> valves and all. well im running a std ol .009 which i suspect to be
> the problem child. also the petronix is in it as well. 

Once you stray away from stock configurations you are pretty much on 
your own. Now you get to become a carb expert. There are people here 
who can help you, but you may not find someone who has successfully 
sorted out exactly the same system that you have.

> pick up is fine but leveling off at higher rpm it feels as if it is
> missing. I know the correct dist. is a vacuum advance unit but is
> there a way to install a single vacuum dual advance dist?? I have a
> few of them but do not know the advance curve or should i change over
> to the single vac advance unit? Any suggestions on this thing?? ive
> used the .009 for years and it has been fine but im not sure if i
> should go back to old school with no magnetic pick up in the dist.
> does someone make a pointless system to fit the short cap
> distributors?? 

First off, the timing depends on the distributor, so you need to know 
what your distributor does, Time it so that it stays under 30-32 
degrees advance at its max. This may well be different from the stock 
timing at idle.

I think you can get Pertronix ignitions to fit any of the VW 
distributors, but the short cap distributors are a lot more crowded.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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