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[T3] hhheeesssiiiitttaaatttiiiooonnn

Hi all 
Well i finally pulled the square out to take a run to home depot. 
the carbs are rebuilt and it idles just a little to high around 1k. the plugs are new as with gapping and all that with the valve adjust.
im running stock carbs on a 1776 with all the correct goodies and 40x35.5 valves and all. well im running a std ol .009 which i suspect to be the problem child. 
also the petronix is in it as well. 

pick up is fine but leveling off at higher rpm it feels as if it is missing. I know the correct dist. is a vacuum advance unit but is there a way to install a single 
vacuum dual advance dist?? I have a few of them but do not know the advance curve or should i change over to the single vac advance unit? Any 
suggestions on this thing?? ive used the .009 for years and it has been fine but im not sure if i should go back to old school with no magnetic pick up in the dist. 
does someone make a pointless system to fit the short cap distributors??

Thanks Jonce

Jonce Fancher

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