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Re: [T3] Grease nipples

<x-flowed>Hmm, this could be difficult. This kind of job takes far longer than it seems to be worth. Maybe you should leave well alone and just find a grease gun with a taper tip that'll squirt through the centre of the broken off nipple and maybe then put a self tapper in the hole to keep the dirt out?

If you really want to go for it, you could try an 'easyout' screwed into the centre. The reverse taper thread turns it tighter in the unscrewing direction. But I have to say that these things often are so hard that they fracture and leave you with a really hard steel tip blocking the hole which no drill on earth will touch. Then you'll be worse off than before. You might try drilling it out to just less than the thread diameter so its walls are thin and tapping a small screwdriver in and hope that the threaded end has become loose enough to unscrew. You don't want to get swarf in the beam so go easy and use grease on the drill. If the nipple really broke off, maybe the end is uneven enought to tap round with a small punch? If it drops inside, you'll have to disassemble the beam to get it out and even then it'll be hard to remove i should think.

type3weezer@comcast.net wrote:

All right, how many of you looked at this thread because of the subject line? Get your mind out of the gutter and see if you have an answer to this...

I got under the car last night to lube the front end and it appears that one of the grease nipples is gone. I'm sorry to say but my eyes can't tell if it broke off or fell off. My questions are 1) what size are these? If I go to my FLAPS what size should I look for? I have bags of old 1/4" but are they a "metric works better" part? 2) I cleaned out the hole in the beam and it appears to be silver in there. Is this an indication that the old one might have broken off? How can i get the old one out especially because it is slightly recessed into the hole? Thanks in advance for any input.
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