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Re: [T3] Grease nipples

On 19 Jul 2006 at 15:43, type3weezer@comcast.net wrote:

> All right, how many of you looked at this thread because of the subject


> I got under the car last night to lube the front end and it appears that one
> of the grease nipples is gone. I'm sorry to say but my eyes can't tell if it
> broke off or fell off. My questions are 1) what size are these? If I go to
> my FLAPS what size should I look for? I have bags of old 1/4" but are they a
> "metric works better" part? 2) I cleaned out the hole in the beam and it
> appears to be silver in there. Is this an indication that the old one might
> have broken off? How can i get the old one out especially because it is
> slightly recessed into the hole? Thanks in advance for any input. 

They are a tapered M6 x 1. You can get spares from any VW axle beam. I probably 
have some. The VW dealers used to carry them, too.

Before you assume that the old one broke off, unscrew one of the others 
(there's a hex at the base) and compare holes; then you'll know for sure. If 
the old one actually broke off, then the stump is probably not in there too 
tight, and you can probaby unscrew it with a sharp pick or an EasyOut.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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