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Re: [T3] Itinerary via SF to the Invasion

<x-flowed>On Jul 12, 2006, at 5:52 PM, Dave Hall wrote:
Yes, but I was looking at a prettier route than I5, even though it's not really
sensible, and I have heard of L. Tahoe. If we've already taken a good look at
the Sierra Nevada at Yosemite, it might not be all that special to see even more
mountains and huge sequoias, though.

Probably go up I5, maybe break the journey near Mount Shasta - looks impressive
on Google Earth. I'd rather spend a day or two seeing something of local
interest than pore over piles of Chinese tourist items in SF.

Riverside Lodge Motel is one of the host motels for the Invasion - I sure hope
it's in Oregon!

I think the trip from SF to the invasion was given as over 400 miles and around
7 hrs driving. I don't fancy that in a day, even with A/C. I've got time to be
a bit circumspect! Thought we could see a bit of the real CA on the way -
where's that?

Is the Sonoma Valley worth the detour if you're not going to do a vinyard tour?

We're saving the coast for the way back.

The real CA is scattered all over the place, but it hides itself to keep the recent
immigrants to California from destroying things. :-)

I-5 is pretty boring until you get past Redding. Flat, dry, farmland. More scenic
from SF is 101 north to Eureka (270-some miles, about 6 hours), then 299 from
Eureka to Redding (150 miles, about 3 hours), and taking I-5 from there. You'll
still get to see Mount Shasta, plus some of the California wine country, the
"other" redwoods (coastal vs. sequoia), and a bit of the coast in Eureka .. but not
enough of the coast to spoil it for you.

If you're not doing the winery tours, skip Sonoma Valley. The traffic can be bad,
and there's not a whole lot else to see around there except an old Spanish
mission and Jack London's estate (now a park). If you take 101 instead of
I-5 you'll see plenty of vineyards without making a side trip.

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