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Re: [T3] issue with @aol.com subscribers

Wow I hate aol even more.  some of my list goes into
the junk box and I have to go through it and press
"not spam" so it doesn't keep going there...

--- Greg Merritt <gregm@vwtype3.org> wrote:

> Everyone,
> One or many AOL users have been reporting
> type3@vwtype3.org e-mail
> messages as junk mail.  This has happened as much as
> a couple of hundred
> times in the last few days.
> As a result of this, AOL is getting ready to block
> 100% of messages coming
> from the vwtype3.org e-mail server to any AOL
> recipient.
> This would affect not only type 3 list e-mail, but
> e-mail from many, many
> other folks who, like us, are customers of Cedant
> (the vwtype3.org web &
> mail host).
> The Cedant abuse department's hands are tied, and
> will have to suspend
> vwtype3.org entirely unless the abuse reports from
> AOL users stop.
> At their request -- an unfortunate but reasonable
> request, given the
> situation -- I have had to remove all @aol.com list
> and digest
> subscribers.  (Unfortunately, AOL only sends
> threats, but no specifics
> regarding the complaints, so there is no way to
> figure out who is
> originating the complaints.)
> I sincerely apologize to AOL subscribers.  I ask
> that you stay
> unsubscribed from the list for at least a few days.
> Note that I have taken all 27 current AOL folks and
> specifically allowed
> them to post to the list, so you can still
> participate in the discussion.
> You will have to read messages from the Web in the
> interim:
> http://vwtype3.org/listarchive/maillist.html
> This is a really lousy situation.  For now, removing
> AOL folks from
> receiving messages directly is something we must do,
> so that we don't risk
> shutting everything down entirely for everyone. 
> Thanks to everyone for
> your patience.
> Regards,
> -Greg
> cc: Cedant Abuse Department
> bcc: second group of @aol.com list subscribers
> List info at http://www.vwtype3.org/list |
> mailto:gregm@vwtype3.org

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