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[T3] issue with @aol.com subscribers


One or many AOL users have been reporting type3@vwtype3.org e-mail
messages as junk mail.  This has happened as much as a couple of hundred
times in the last few days.

As a result of this, AOL is getting ready to block 100% of messages coming
from the vwtype3.org e-mail server to any AOL recipient.

This would affect not only type 3 list e-mail, but e-mail from many, many
other folks who, like us, are customers of Cedant (the vwtype3.org web &
mail host).

The Cedant abuse department's hands are tied, and will have to suspend
vwtype3.org entirely unless the abuse reports from AOL users stop.

At their request -- an unfortunate but reasonable request, given the
situation -- I have had to remove all @aol.com list and digest
subscribers.  (Unfortunately, AOL only sends threats, but no specifics
regarding the complaints, so there is no way to figure out who is
originating the complaints.)

I sincerely apologize to AOL subscribers.  I ask that you stay
unsubscribed from the list for at least a few days.

Note that I have taken all 27 current AOL folks and specifically allowed
them to post to the list, so you can still participate in the discussion.
You will have to read messages from the Web in the interim:


This is a really lousy situation.  For now, removing AOL folks from
receiving messages directly is something we must do, so that we don't risk
shutting everything down entirely for everyone.  Thanks to everyone for
your patience.


cc: Cedant Abuse Department
bcc: second group of @aol.com list subscribers

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