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[T3] A Tale of Two Senders

<x-flowed>Fuel senders that is.

I bought a second tank last year to replace the one in my Sqbk
that had been sitting for about 13 years and the gas had turned
into something very unpleasantly thick and gelatinous.

Now that I've been using this tank, I filled it up to find that the
sender isn't working. I grounded the wire to confirm the gage works.

I swapped in the old sender with the same results.

I read the archives to find a couple of potential fixes, so I
went ahead and looked at them for dismantling.

The decent sender came apart without too much trouble to
find that none of the connections were any good. The ground
end didn't ground, the wire end didn't connect to the resistance
wire or to the male connector.

To get the crud sender apart I had to file a 5mm socket out
just a bit and grind off the edges for a close clearance to the
concave location. Fortunately I had the nut from the decent
sender to use as a sizing aid.

Once I got the crud sender apart (the aluminum housing was
bent in at the top, whereas the other one wasn't.

If you want to see what a sender looks like with 4 inches of
crud attached, along with the decent one, check thesamba:

Of course the one with all the crud on it works electronically,
just my luck. It grounds and the connector has continuity.

Any ideas on how to de-crud this sender and to rectify the
other one? I may have to solder the various pieces to get
continuity and add the wire for ground per the archives.

Jeff  '67  Sqbk

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