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[T3] A Type III Day

<x-flowed>Monday was spent on my Squareback, a 10 hour day.

Now that it was somewhat running I needed to take the time
to refine everything and get it to a condition to run for a long
period of time, say 8 hours to the Invasion.

Over the past few months I had so far done a quick valve
adjustment, oil change, installed a '71 FI distributor, new
tires, complete brake system refresh, clean tank and install,
all new fuel lines. Clean out the engine airways of all the
nests, mud, grass, spiders, etc and gave the whole car a
general clean up.

Parked it in the garage the night before, ready for valve adjusting.
Most of the valves were too tight. Adjusting the points, timing,
and carbs took most of the day. I took my time as it has been
awhile and I wanted it all to be correctly adjusted. I needed
another set of tune-up parts, so I drove it to the only remaining
local foreign parts shop. They had everything I needed, except
a spare fan belt. Another email coming on that subject.

It sounded so much smoother, so much nicer, so much more
like what I recalled it sounding like. It was nice.

I took it for a drive and had a good trip, though it didn't want
to start after a stop at a store. I stopped in my driveway on
the way home, expecting to head out again after picking up
something I forgot, but it wouldn't start. I rolled it into the
garage and checked the engine to find that the fuel filter was
devoid of gas. I had just filled the tank, so lack of fuel was
not the problem. Another email coming on fuel issues.

I don't have a standard horn to install, just a Fiamm air
horn set, so I set about to install it. I thought the horn
wiring was in good shape as I had fixed it when the tank
was out. For some reason the horn wire was always to
ground, so I left that wiring alone and installed a separate
hot wire to the front. I set it all up and now I have a horn
that people should not be able to miss.

I used the switched hot wire to the horn for the hot wire
to the generic windshield washer pump and installed a
momentary on switch for it. I will say that the original
hoses for the washer was in good shape when I took it out.
That is some tough material. I found a good use for some
of that fabric covered fuel hose I had laying around for
the washer pump plumbing.

I now have three separate added-on switches below the
dash, windshield wipers (stock switch), horn, windshield
washer. I'll say that to install a stock switch separately
without an escutcheon is a real challenge. I managed to
keep it in place with a zip tie. There isn't much to hold
on to on that switch.

Overall I had a very successful T-III day.

Next up, checking and bleeding the brakes, just because,
and changing spark plugs and while there doing a compression
check on the cylinders.

Jeff  '67  Sqbk

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