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Re: [T3] 72 FI, won't start.

On Jul 1, 2006, at 12:49 PM, fess wrote:

My 72'  FI square won't start, again.

It turns over well, it has spark that I can see from coil to when I pull it slightly apart, and it smells like a lot of fuel.

[ now for the speculative info. ]


i got it to start, but i don't understand why, and it's still not right.

I disconnected the Cyl. head temp sensor, and grounded it's lead.
This seemed to have no effect.
I disconnected the Throttle position switch.
Open the throttle and start it, and it burbles through, and then starts.

I disconnected the Cyl head temp sensor ground, and it shuts off immediately.
I reconnect the cyl head temp sensor, and try to start the car and it won't.
I re-ground the temp sensor. and the car starts.
I connect the throttle position switch. everything seems ok.
shut the car off, pack up to leave. car won't start.
disconnect the TPS, turn it over a bit, and it burbles through and starts.

I wish I understood what's going on, it seems like with the TPS hooked up
it's flooding the engine. [ but i doesn't start even if i don't touch the
throttle. which I would think would be the only way to flood it. ]
when it doesn't start it smells of gas, and when it does start,
it's only with TPS disconected and temp sensor grounded,
and then it seems to burble through the pre-existing
excess gas.



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