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[T3] 72 FI, won't start.


My 72'  FI square won't start, again.

It turns over well, it has spark that I can see from coil to when I pull it slightly apart, and it smells like a lot of fuel.

[ now for the speculative info. ]
it did this once before, and since we suspected the cylinder head temp sensor was bad, I was advised to ground it, and it started, I don't see how this was related. Anyhow, grounding it doesn't help this time, and the cylinder head temp sensor has been replaced. but the problem went away.

in between these two incidents, I had been still trying to deal with the missing/sputtering it was doing. I thought i had originally eliminated it with SP ends, but it came back. Disconnecting the throttle position switch, lessened the force of the sputtering, but didn't remove it. Took it to a mechanic, who replaced all the plug wires. which didn't fix, it, replaced the condenser, which didn't fix it. [ noticed my fuel injector lines were starting to leak, and repaired two of them. ] replaced the pressure sensor. And then tried out a different brain.
at that point the problem was gone, and he tried out the original brain. And the problem remained gone. At this point we were still driving it with the throttle position switch disconnected, verifying that the problem didn't return. I reconnected the TPS, and it drove a bit better, and still didn't have the sputtering/missing. [ got a flat on top of everything. valve stem. weird. ] Then after being parked for a half hour, moved once, left for another half hour it wouldn't restart. now my brother started it this last time. and I know the TPS has a bit of a flutter in place of some of the clicks when you check them all. And I was wondering if possibly he simply flooded it by pumping the accelerator, like he does in his not properly choked bug, in combination with a fluttering TPS that perhaps did more squirts than necessary. However letting it sit for a while, didn't seem to help. I've now let it sit overnight, and I'm going to go back to where it is and give it another try.

[ hope that's not too much info. ]


[ pls help. family's in town and it would be good to get this car working this weekend. ]

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