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Re: [T3] Steering electrical questions (was: Is this the list email address?)

On 29 Jun 2005 at 8:26, Toby Erkson wrote:

> For the turn signal issue:
> What would be the necessary steps to convert the one-year-only '71 to 
> the more common pre-'71 or '72-'73 assemblies?

The most straightforward might be to swap in a complete assembly like the one 
in Daniel's photo. I'm not sure if these would fit, however. There are bound to 
be some fit issues.

> - First example:  My kick-down switch was broken when I bought my 
> Lightsider so I replaced it with a used switch.  After a thousand miles 
> or so that switch broke (same location!).  I'm now using a modern 
> micro-switch I had to custom mount.  Lesson:  Used parts aren't always a 
> solution.

I've never broken one of these, but in this example it's important to know that 
the switch position is adjustable and it must be adjusted so that the kickdown 
lever doesn't try to push the switch lever too far. It would be easy to break 
these switches if the position is adjusted wrong.

> - Second example: Replaced the original turn signal switch mechanism on 
> the Lightsider as it would not self-cancel.

The most common cause of non-cancelling is that one of the spring hooks has 
broken off one of the 2 little plastic pieces which hold the end of the spring 
and which move the lever back to center. The good news is that the spring and 
the 2 little plastic pieces are the same on all the TS switches in this era, 
and you can take apart a common switch to get replacement parts for the less 
common ones. Those little plastic pieces can be replaced without taking the old 
switch apart, but it takes some care to do this.

The second thing that goes wrong with these is that the brass horn contact gets 
caught in a worn out steering wheel contact ring and gets ripped off. I haven't 
done this yet, but I'm thinking that one could make a replacement from brass 
sheet from a hobby shop. It could probably be soldered onto the remnant of the 
original contact without too much trouble.

I completely agree that it's worth the effort to preserve and reuse original 
parts, because they are likely to be better than most replacements.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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