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[T3] clutch cable, pedal stops.

Item 1:

In my '72 Light sider. [ ahh finally get to talk about it again. the darkside sure comes with plenty of problems. ]

I had to adjust the clutch a few turns. It was at the bottom of the pedal, and starting to give me trouble getting in gear. [ I guess it wanted to be like my '67's hydraulic clutch. ]

Anyhow, it hasn't really changed in the 7 years i've owned it. Does this need for an adjustment mean my cable is going to break soon?

Item 2:

While i was at it I decided to finally do something about the pedal assembly which seemed to flop generally to far forward, eyeballing the pedal stop, it was all the way back in it's slot, so plenty of room for adjustment. But when I started trying to loosen the stop bolt
I discovered this:


so.. I left it for now. as it's sort of a two person job now, and even them I'm not sure I want to disturb it.
i was sad to see my light side car had some junky hacks done to it as well.

Anyhow, the item 2 question:

Is there some secret to getting the pedal backing plate in and out without having to bend it?
I had a real hard time worming it out of there.


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