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Re: [T3] oil light flicker

I don't know what you've read, and as Toby says there has been way too much
written already.  Next post now, Toby!

I'm happier with straight 30 weight, and that's in an engine that can flicker
after a hard run - fast and in hot weather (we can get 95F here once a summer!);
20-50 weight seems more prone to causing the flicker!  Bob Hoover and others
have measured increased oil temps with heavier oils under those sorts of
conditions.  Suggestion is the rate of flow through the oil-cooler is less if
the oil stays thicker.  It may only apply to stock, highish mileage engines, or
it may be a lack of thorough testing.  I prefer 30 weight - it seems to work
better for mine, with no sludge forming in winter (same grade all year - well,
we don't get summer or winter by USA standards!).
Try both and see what you prefer.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club
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From: "Kevin Guarnotta" <kguarnotta@usa.net>
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Sent: Thursday, June 09, 2005 2:52 PM
Subject: RE: [T3] oil light flicker

> I just switched to straight 30 wt after the trip. I had been hearing
> recently on the vintagebus list that multi-weight oil is not good to use in
> out engines. This is due to the fact that our engines run too hot for the
> multi-weight oil. At the high temps the polymers in the oil-that help the
> oil provide a range of viscosities-break down, and you end up with the
> lighter weight oil.
> Hope that makes sense, if not I can try to dig out the website
> references...etc.
> -kevin
> '71 sqbk
> '65 kombi
> somerville, ma

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