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Re: type3 throttle cable

<x-flowed>I don't remember the exact mileage but on my way to college, in the Cascade mountains around 1648 feet my throttle cable broke. It was September of 1990 and I had just pulled over into the wide shoulder at the top of the hill I just climbed, car packed with all my freshman stuff. I got out to check the engine and everything was fine from the view underneath so I got back into my baby and pushed on the accelerator -- nuthin'! Lucky for me I was quickly able to figure out what happened AND I had my travel tool box with me (which, in all honesty, should be in a roll-around cart :-D ) and used my small vice-grips to hold the cable at the tunnel, next to the foot pedal, while I used my large vice-grips to actuate the throttle. I would rotate the vice-grips to wrap the cable around the jaws, thus shortening the cable and open the throttles (I just had the car converted to 1641cc & 36mm Dual Dells while I was in the Navy). Drove about 65 miles from that mountain top to the college campus in Ashland.

Did I mention it was night and I had a manual transmission?

That was the only time I've had an accelerator cable break. In South Carolina my clutch cable broke but I was lucky that it happened only a couple blocks from the Naval base (back when it existed in Charleston) so I was able to drive it to the on-base rental garages and fix it. I guess the 3.5 day trip from Oregon in the middle of January took it's toll on that cable ;-)

   Toby Erkson  --  air_cooled_nut@pobox.com
   Two '72 VW Squarebacks, '95 VW Jetta ~ WIP, '81 Gold Wing, '73 Porsche 914
   Portland, Oregon

Jim Adney wrote:

This all seems rather odd to me. In 35+ years of driving type 3s I've NEVER broken a throttle cable. In that whole time I've also replaced exactly ONE throttle cable in a customer's car. I'm just guessing, but I suppose that the FI is easier on the cable than carbs, especially aftermarket carbs.

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