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RE: [T3] More questions

Have you checked the fuel pressure? I had a similar situation with my 69
fastback after it sat for a while. I cleaned and adjusted the points and
increased the fuel pressure to the correct pressure and that took care of
it. I guess it could have something to do with the cold start system as
well. I am sure others here are much better at this than me but you're
situation sounded familiar.

Good luck,
Mark-69 fastback F.I. 

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Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2005 11:19 AM
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Subject: [T3] More questions

Good morning and thank you again for all of the
wonderfull answer for my electrical problem. My dash
board still looks like it's thrown up but it's coming
a long slowly by surely. 
My next problem has a possible two part solution.
Anyone know of any good Type-3 mechanics in the San
Jose, CA area? I was going to one but it took them
over a month to perform an engine swap and my car
still hasn't run right since. What happened was my 72
FI was in a nasty accident and the body wasn't
repairable with out a large amount of money. I found a
71 with a not so great engine and badly mounted dual
carbs. So I had the shop pull the FI engine that still
ran perfectly fine out of the 72 and install it and
the FI system in the 71. Since then it will take me
anywhere from 5-20 min to get it to fire. This has
drained one battery already and this morning claimed
it's second one. It also has been lugging lately like
the fuel system is hiccuping when it's cold. The other
interesting factor is that the idle has become really
choppy where if I'm not feeding it gas it will just
die at a light or where ever I happen to be stopped. I
have been told that it could be that the fuel system
has a clog or some such, or that the head sensor needs
to be adjusted. I noticed that Jim mentioned the
distributor advance mechanism for the 68 and I was
wondering if that would be a good starting point on my
71 (having similar hill issue)? Any help on where to
start or look or even whose brain to pick would be
much appreciated. 
71 SB F/I

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