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[T3] Early engine rebuild

I just took a minute and looked at Russ's pages on rebuilding his early type 34 
engine. If you haven't visited there, it's worth a look. Start here and crawl 
thru the photos:


Comments for Russ:

I have some valve guides if you still need one.

Why was your crank coated with Cosmoline? Was it actually new, or was this a 
reground that came this way?

Have you ever found an engine where someone had forgotten to put on the timing 
gear snap ring? If so, what was the outcome?

Which engines used the thick dist drive gear shim?

I've always lubed the cam lobes, but never bothered with the gear. I guess I 
assumed that they would all be oiled in the first engine rotation anyway, and 
since gear faces roll without slipping anyway the wear should be minimal. Did 
they teach you to lube the gear at VW school? (I've just never seen this 
mentioned anywhere else before. It doesn't seem necessary, but it certainly 
can't hurt.)

I was surprised to see that little tin piece under the oil cooler. I suspect 
most people don't even know that it exists and have never seen one, as most of 
them were lost in a previous rebuild. Was this one in place on the engine when 
you tore it down? Was this a virgin engine?

Sorry for all the questions....

Nice photos and nice work. I sure wish i had your shop.  ;-)

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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