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Re: liscense plate bracket

> >>Did you have to drill the holes for the rears? They
> don't seem to display the same uniformity that the fronts do. I
> suspect that the dealers ended up drilling them. I wonder why VW did
> it that way. <<
> It must have had to do with the wide variety of license plate shapes in
> different countries. A large rectangular German rear plate would have
> needed different holes than a US standard plate bracket. A rear bracket,
> if used at all, would have been an item specific to the destination
> market.

My factory service manual tells me that all Notches had this standard hole
pattern in the rear apron. This supports what other Notch owners have
reported and goes with my NOS rear apron which had the holes and nuts. It
also says that the front ones need to be drilled and plate mounted before
delivery to the customer. Front brackets are in the glove box, rear bracket
mounted at the factory. Neither manuals that I'm looking at have pix that
match what the front bracket looks like described by a few here, it just
shows a side profile of a sort of "U" shaped piece open et the bottom. The
rear bracket shown is the straight piece that requires holes to be drilled
in the plate.

  The Italian market with its 275 X 200 mm plate required some rubber
wedges, also placed in the glove box. The German 520 X 110 mm and the U.S.
352 X 156 mm plus the Italian brackets were all one in the same from the VW
factory, with a cut to fit mentioned as a standard part of the plate
mounting procedure. Now you must realize that this is a 1961 dated manual,
so undoubtedly some things changed over the course of time. One picture in
an update talking about the hood chrome trim changing does show a front
license plate bar style bracket like what a few others have described.

btw, no fasty or SBs were covered, just the sedan.

Just more trivia.


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