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Re: [T3] 4 tip exhaust

The FI controller failure rate is very low, the last one I read about
that went bad was because some moron drilled a hole in the fender
looking for a "cool" position for his antenna and got the box.
Chances are it's OK.  I really hope you're in a position to do some
real detective work.  If you've never seen a stock FI installation,
you've got your work cut out for you.  Hopefully you've got the
Bentley manual with the circuit diagram for your year.  The system is
really simple once you understand it.   There is/was a book about
Bosch fuel injection systems that really had a good chapter on the D
Jetronic, mine has slipped off the shelf and hidden somewhere, so I
can't give exact details, you might try searching on amazon.com to see
what pops up.  Might be the local library might have a copy.  Bentley
also has some good pictures of the various components, might help you
do rollcall.  If you still have the pressure sensor,the FI
distributor(extra plug on side), the original intake manifold and
throttle switch, plus the injectors and original relays, you'll
probably be OK.  Oh and the original electric fuel pump, that's worth
more than you paid for the car.  If you don't have the pump or the
distributor, probably better stick with the carbs unless you've got a
donor handy.

I hesitate to s&MOyou might have to do to your apron to clearance
for 4 tip exhausts. There's a wide variety of header systems out
there, some take a lot of work, some just bolt on(very few).  I have a
dual QP installation, all I had to do was pull out on the mangled
apron and get it straightened up to clear the dual mufflers.  I really
don't know what the PO had in mind, looked like he used a baseball bat
as a roller and tried to roll the thing up.  Chances are, you're going
to have to do something to it, my advise is do as little as possible.
You might want to wait until the engine is in the car before you mount
it permanently.  Try it on for size on the ground first, for sure, but
take it back off and see where it's going to hit once the engine is in
the car.  On my system, I had to do some fairly major bending with a
torch before the heater box ends and #2-4 ends all mated at the same

Your front end has no doubt been adjusted for a "cool" look.  My
advise is to put it back where it belongs, it can really affect
handling.  Others will differ on that. I had mine about an inch too
low, didn't like the way it steered at all.  After a trip around the
block I put it back to stock height.  It's a fairly easy procedure,
Bentley has it, but nothing to do outside in the cold.

Good luck

On Sat, 23 Jan 1999 11:17:06 -0700, you wrote:

>i bought a four tip exhaust from So Cal  in california, and i was looking
>through this months issue of hot vw and saw a square back with some caddy
>fins on the back. It also had a four tip exhaust . i noticed that the rear
>skirt (directly above the 4 tips) was cut out so that the tips would fit. i
>need to know if i will need to cut  my rear skirt to fit my exhaust.
>i bought this square back from some fella for one hundred dollars, engine
>was in the cargo area and had some flat tires but no rust. i rebuilt the
>engine and bought this new exhaust, so i havent seen the engine in the
>square back yet (soon hopefully).  Also  Ive noticed that the front end sits
>real low to the ground. Iylecause the engine is not in the car yet?
>One more Question, how can you tell if the black box that controls the fuel
>injection is good or not. I have what I believe to be all of the components
>for the fuel injection system. When i got the car, it had 2 solex 34mm carbs
>(I found all this funky FI stuff on the floor behind the front seats), but I
>bought some webbers anyway.  almost ready to put the tin on and slap er in.
>casper, wy (no traffic on these roads baby)
>70 sqr back
>70 camper bus
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