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Re: [T3] FM

On 20 Jan 99, at 9:49, James MacNaughton wrote:

> Hey kids.  I've probably posted this before, but I'm looking for an FM for
> my 71 Square.  I just want a stock Blaupunkt FM; once I've got sound, then
> I'll worry about quality.  Does anybody have one?

Blaupunkt wasn't ever really "stock."  Even though some dealers sold 
them, they were always the high priced (and better quality) radios.  
They are hard to come buy.

They were interesting radios.  You bought a radio, of which Blaupunkt 
made only about 4 models, then you bought an installation kit 
(einbausatz) which was specific for your model of car.  The kit 
included the knobs, front panel, mounting brackets and speaker.  The 
antenna was extra.

I bought one in 68.  The Frankfort US AM-FM-SW radio cost about $104 
and the kit was $16.  I got an antenna from VW for about $10.  I 
should have gone with the Blaupunkt antenna, but I didn't understand 
that at the time.

I have some later ones that I would be willing to sell, but I think 
they were made in the orient, and they do not have ANY of the parts 
that need to go with them.

I DO have new Blaupunkt (well, actually Bosch, who owns them) 

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
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