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Re: [T3] Y2KVWT3

I have to agree with James on this one.  The T3 FI brain will NOT
be affected by the Y2K bug.  None of the engine control modules
on even very modern cars will be affected.  Your car and our T3s
do NOT know what date it is.  The date on your radio might get
confused (not likely though) but that is about it.

There is noone at the assembly line that sets the car's computer
to the current date when it is built.  That would take way too
long (ever tried setting the date on VCR/watch/etc) and slow the
line down.  :^)

Seriously, our T3 certainly do not know or care what date it is
and neither does your Ford, GM or Chrysler car.  There are people
out in the world that will make your car Y2K compliant for a
fee.  They are snake oil salesman.  Don't waste your money.

John (former Ford engineer with friends in engine control design)
'71 FI Auto Fasty (that I will make a point of driving from about
11:55pm to 12:05am on that New Year's Eve)

P.S.  Speaking of snake oil, I caught an infommercial last night
when I was up way too late for an engine oil additive called
Prolong.  They sure made it look good.  Any practical experience
with this one.

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