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Re: [T3] speaker placement and some other stuff

What you need is an Innovations in Fiberglass catalog (go to
www.innovations.com orCé¥2-377-0104).  It will cost you $4 and is well
worth it.  
Innovations makes high quality fiberglass items for vw's.  
For the front speakers I would get kick panels. You can fit up to 5 1/2''
speakers in them.  This is the location that offers the most balance which
means good sound.  STEREO HOLDERS
They sell under dash and hidden glove box stereo holders.  In the catalog I
have, they are only for bugs but I think they have an under dash one for type
3's now.  They also have a console for all vintage vw's that looks real good. 
For the back there is a one piece hinge cover (squareback only) that they say
can hold approx. 4.5" and a dome light. I think you could squeeze 5"x7"'s or
4"x10"'s on. 4"x6" will definitely fit.
These items will give you the sounds you want without messing up your car or
taking away from stock appearance.

Innovations has many other things for vw's like battery trays, floor pans
(4X's stronger than orig.), gauges, euro blades, split kits, custom turn
signals, fat fenders, ect. 
They have won my trust and I hope they will win yours.

jimi polivka
'73  square

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