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Re: [T3] found it.

On 10 Jan 99, at 19:29, El guapo wrote:

> So I won't be selling any of my type 3 stuff after all, but I will be
> needing a new set of locks.  (the coil wire has been removed as a theft
> deterrent.)

While I doubt if any of us are as pleased as YOU are, I'm really 
happy to hear that you got your type 3 back!

As to theft protection, removing a coil wire may be effective, but it 
makes it so hard for you to use your own car that I doubt that you'll 
do it for long.  If you live in a theft prone area, I would recommend 
a switch somewhere under the dash, or even in plain sight, but 
labeled "Rear Speakers" or something misleading like that.  Put the 
switch in series with the fuel pump lead, if you have FI or carbs 
with an electric fuel pump, or somewhere in line with the primary 
wire to the coil.  It could even be installed in the kick panel under 
the back seat, next to the driver's side door jamb.  Anywhere that it 
is not particularly obvious and doesn't call attention to itself.

The point is not to make your car theft PROOF, just to make it take 
too long, and seem like too much of a challenge/risk to steal.

Again, congratulations.


Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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