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SV: [T3] I guess I'm out of the club... Type 3 stuff for sale.

-Oh, man! That's some sad story -I almost started crying here... Sorry for
your loss!

You got my full sympathy and I wish there were something we listees could do
to cheer you up.  
(don't go overdose on those Prozac's now!)

It's my worst nightmare, too - waking up some morning with a empty parking
lot. They are not very difficult to steal, either... :-(

I suggest you put up the stuff you want to get rid of on the classified
section of this list.

- A revouir, my friend...   :-( 

(- why not hang on to the list anyway? I guess the pure love/addiction to
T3:s qualifies to "club membership", having a car or not!)  

/Karl-Olov Sandin
-73 squareback  (-if not someone have nicked it during the last few

> -----Ursprungligt meddelande-----
> Frn:	El guapo [SMTP:ergodoy@ucdavis.edu]
> Skickat:	 den 7 januari 1999 06.50
> Till:	type3@vwtype3.org
> mne:	[T3] I guess I'm out of the club... Type 3 stuff for sale.
> Happy new year to the new owner of my squareback.
> After a year of work replacing seals, replacing the interior and getting
> the engine all together, (and almost killing myself with a severe case of 
> CO poisoining) I walked out to my parking space behind my
> apartment complex, and all I had left of my squareback was a pile of glass
> and a puddle of oil.
> Sigh.
> Cold foggy weather + nice car + alley parking = free car.
> So comes to an end my type III career.  I'm starting my residency in
> Family Practice in July (read 80-90 hours in the hospital per week) and so
> am no going to have time to look for and get another squareback going.
> so here's the silver lining to my dark cloud: I've got a lot of stuff for
> a '67 squareback that I'd like to sell, let me know if you're interested.
> - 6 sets of dual carbs ranging in condition from parts carbs to pretty
> 	good
> - complete set of engine tin
> - 2 pulleys and fans
> - generator, voltage regulator, new, in box
> - calipers
> - front emblem, euro taillights, steering wheel emblem
> - rear quarter window latches
> - new shift linkage kit
> - fresh air system (boxes, cables, etc.)
> Tools:
> - carb synchronizer
> - dwell meter
> - clutch alignment tool
> I'd prefer to sell it all to someone in the area (Sacramento, California)
> but wouldn't mind arranging shipping, etc. if you can offer me a good
> price.
> AND, 
> Please remove your coil wires if parking your car somewhere that you can't
> see it.
> Goodbye my friends,
> Eduardo
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