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Re: [T3] Transmission questions

On 5 Jan 99, at 17:26, Jacob Schroeder wrote:

> The car has over 110,000 miles on it, and i have noticed a lot of oil on 
> the underside of the transmission, it is towards the rear of the 
> transmission, i don't know if the big red silicone seal is leaking on 
> the back of the engine or if the transmission is leaking and dripping 
> down to the lowest point on the transmission or what.  I need some help 
> identifying where and why it is leaking.

Usually this leakage is from the tranny side covers and output 
shafts.  Unless it is actually "wet" it is not really a problem, just 
a fact of life.  Gear oil has a very distinctive smell; it is not at 
all like engine oil.
> I also have another question.  I have heard people say that Pertronix's 
> Electronic Ignition will work in Type 3's with fuel injection and i've 
> heard thos who say it wouldn't.

There is a special version for the FI distributor that does fit, but 
it is a tight fit.  I believe someone posted here that they were 
coming out with a smaller module, if so, that would make the fit 
better.  They need to be fit with care and all of the clearances 
checked.  It seems to be a quality unit, but due to the tight 
clearances it uses a special rotor. This seems like a significant 
disadvantage to me.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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