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Re: [T3] IRS conversion

Keith wrote:
>The subframes will directly swap out but you need to fab up a mount 
>for the rear engine hanger. There was an article in an old VWT that I 
>used (Beefed up) but Bob Heydt took OE mounts, modded them and 
>used OE hangers which looked like a much better idea.  He can 
>probably send you pictures.

Yeah, Keith really liked my set up on my Notch. I almost had to drag him out 
from under my car. j/k : ) I used a set of Squareback hangers (body side) and 
flipped them over and side for side to get them to fit on my Notch. I also 
trimmed the lower part of the drain part of the air box channels to get enough 
room for them to fit. I had to cap that area off, otherwise I'd be pulling in 
heated air from the engine compartment. I went this route on mine, because I 
really didn't care for the VWT method, and mine had started to crack and seperate 
(at the rubber to steel part) after only 2 years of use. I had built a "C" 
shaped safety bracket for it (and peace of mind), but I still didn't like the 
way it looked in the engine bay. This is an after, but before painting the 
engine bay body color.
I don't have any others posted to the Samba ( I just looked), so I'd have to 
dig into my archives, and see if I have any hiding in there. : ) I hope this 
will help.

Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof
       71 Square, now a 2 seat Roadster, pics can be seen at; 

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