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Re: [T3] Help - underseat rust

Jim Adney wrote:
>I don't think this area is as structurally important as it might seem, 
>since these mount points are pretty much in the center of the subframe. 
>The most important points will be the ones at the extremes: The 2 at 
>the tops of the shock towers and the one front and center.

>This damage is in a very typical place, but it is more extensive that 
>usual. It should be possible to fix it with a single thick layer and forget 
>about the double thickness. Your main goal should be to make it 
>waterproof again and make the repair just strong enough that body flex 
>doesn't cause the panel to break here in the future.

Yes, what Jim, and I were saying is true, there really isn't a need to rip 
into this too deep, as it's really not that much of a structural piece as you 
think it is. The pan just bolts to the rear of the body here, not the subframe 
bolting to the body. The subframe bolts to the pan from underneath. In fact you 
could  (not that you'd want to) leave that bolt out and it wouldn't hurt the 
way the car drives at all. If you look at this pic, you'll see there wasn't 
much of a car here to start with. : ) 
In fact Keith called it a "pile of bleached bones", but my son loves the car 
now that it's a driver. : ) We did however use those mounting holes on his 
car. But as you can also see, the pan is also "self supporting." I hope this 

Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof
       71 Square, now a 2 seat Roadster, pics can be seen at; 

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