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Re: [T3] steering/brake squeak

On 20 May 2006 at 5:59, Will McCreight wrote:

> Jim, it is a 1970 SQ FI, and so far, I haven't had time to check 
> anything, just asking more or less "what it might be, and what to 
> check", then reviewing the Bentley manual to determine how complex the 
> check/repair might be.  I am acquiring tools as I go along, and hate to 
> get into something that leaves me stranded if I am unable to complete 
> due to lack of ability or equipment.

I think all of us feel exactly the same way, so you're doing exactly 
the right thing by getting yourself prepared.

> The business of checking the bearings looks straightforward enough, 
> though when they get out a special gauge, and start looking for 
> tolerances of tenths of a millimeter, as I recall, I realize that I 
> could grind to a halt there.  What I imagine doing is feeling for 
> roughness, freeplay, etc., then tightening down the controlling nut 
> (can't imagine my problem is the bearing being too tight, only too 
> loose) a scootch, and eventually arriving at "just right" by feel ( I am 
> a much experienced bicycle mechanic by hobby, but relative newbie to 
> cars, at least at this level)

You'll need a 6mm Allen wrench, but that's also a common bicycle 
size, so that should be no problem. The gauge is nice, but not 
necessary. If you just adjust them until there is a barely 
perceptable amount of play (check it in 4 different 90 degree 
rotations) then that will be fine. The important thing is that there 
must always be at least SOME play.  

With a '71 you should not have the wrong bearing possibility.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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