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[T3] steering/brake squeak

<x-flowed>Jim Adney replied:

I agree. The squeak sounds odd, so I'm not sure what it might actually be. I was just hoping to cover all the bases.

Have you checked the ball joint boots to verify that they are all intact? What year is this car?


Jim, it is a 1970 SQ FI, and so far, I haven't had time to check anything, just asking more or less "what it might be, and what to check", then reviewing the Bentley manual to determine how complex the check/repair might be. I am acquiring tools as I go along, and hate to get into something that leaves me stranded if I am unable to complete due to lack of ability or equipment.

The business of checking the bearings looks straightforward enough, though when they get out a special gauge, and start looking for tolerances of tenths of a millimeter, as I recall, I realize that I could grind to a halt there. What I imagine doing is feeling for roughness, freeplay, etc., then tightening down the controlling nut (can't imagine my problem is the bearing being too tight, only too loose) a scootch, and eventually arriving at "just right" by feel ( I am a much experienced bicycle mechanic by hobby, but relative newbie to cars, at least at this level), and then driving it to see if the squeal has gone away. While up on the jack, I will also inspect the ball joints, boots, etc., I imagine, and I appreciate your time in pointing out the importance of thorogh inspection at least while I am at the task.

Will McCreight
Portland, OR
(208) 661-6262 cell

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