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Re: [T3] Invasion

<x-flowed>NatassiaN=> It won't shift into gears...I either need a new one or the syncros
=> have gone and I need a new tranny is that right?

You're a long way from reason to worry about replacing the transaxle. You'll have to eliminate several much simpler possibilities first.

If you have an experienced VW mechanic at hand, s/he should be able to diagnose this problem very quickly by feel, without taking anything apart.

NB: Bear in mind that if your shift mechanism is good, it is possible to shift and drive without using the clutch at all; the clutch is not *required* for shifting under all conditions.

First look at the clutch cable mechanism. Have you set the required pedal free play? You may have a fraying ("stretching") cable, or you may have a gross maladjustment along the cable path. You should check your manual and understand the Bowden tube and how it works.

Next look at the shift mechanism, particularly the coupler just ahead of the transaxle. These frequently loosen up.

If you find nothing in the control mechanisms, you'll want to drop the motor and look at the clutch itself.

It's likely that your problem is something simple. Don't let it keep you from enjoying your car.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600

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