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RE: [T3] Happy 40th Phillip!

Hey All,

Just for the record, it's not completely a myth.

I almost was never here due to this same type of accident.

My parents were in an accident back in 1955 in a 1948 Packard (similar
to this body style:
http://www.americandreamcars.com/1948packard033104.htm ). A re-tread
tire blew out on the front causing an operator error (over compensation
on the steering wheel) sending my parents and the 3 or more tons of
metal rolling over 5 times and throwing both passengers out of the

no explosion... but extreme rollovers do happen.  

It's just up to the driver to keep the accident from getting extreme.

Peter: Personally, I'd take that spare out and only have it on display
at car shows and such.  Go get a spare tire from this decade... ok?  ;)


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> Subject: RE: [T3] Happy 40th Phillip!
> From: "Toby Erkson" 
> Date: Wed, May 17, 2006 10:31 am
> To: <type3@vwtype3.org>
> When a tire blows, it's not like in the movies where the car careens outta
> control and ends up flipping across four lanes and the gas tank explodes.
> That's just a myth.  The deflated tire will be obvious as there will be drag
> on that particular side of the car but the car will still be
> drivable...it'll just destroy the tire and could damage the rim.

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